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Phoenix I Dream Of Jeannie

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“black and white”

Place of Birth

Florida, USA

Current Location

Florida, USA


Florida, USA

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akc: Hp60327509
Microchip: 956000012641663

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Genetic Stats

Predicted Adult Weight

38 lbs

Genetic Age
20 human years

Based on the date of birth provided


Changes to this dog’s profile
  • On 8/31/2020 changed name from "Thumbelina" to "Phoenix I Dream Of Jeannie"

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Health Summary

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Good news!

Jeannie is not at increased risk for the genetic health conditions that Embark tests.

Breed-Relevant Genetic Conditions

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Multiple Drug Sensitivity (ABCB1)

Identified in Whippets

Glycogen storage disease Type VII, Phosphofructokinase Deficiency, PFK Deficiency (PFKM, Whippet and English Springer Spaniel Variant)

Identified in Whippets

Bully Whippet Syndrome (MSTN)

Identified in Whippets

Additional Genetic Conditions

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Clinical Tools

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