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Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) RATS RATI CGCA CGCU TKA

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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  • Photo of Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer), a Staffordshire Bull Terrier  in Monroe, GA, USA Photo of Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer), a Staffordshire Bull Terrier  in Monroe, GA, USA

“Shark is my first dog, she is everything I could've asked for. She is active and down to try anything, a great snuggler, and very versatile/adaptable. Very food motivated, loves playing tug. Always happy to go on a hike or walk through downtown. She loves everyone she meets but always comes back to me. She's very expressive and makes me laugh every day. We are currently trying out agility, rally, barnhunt, and nosework! I hope to also try out dock diving, bike joring, and weight pull with her.”

Place of Birth

Monroe, GA, USA

Current Location

Greenville, South Carolina, USA


Monroe, GA, USA

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American Kennel Club (AKC): RN34748504
Microchip: 956000011138237

Genetic Breed Result


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a hardy pup from England. This breed is very similar, and often confused with the American Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs get a bad wrap, but they so lovable and they absolutely adore their owners. It is a shame how history has treated them so cruely.

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Genetic Stats


0 % LOW

Predicted Adult Weight

33 lbs

Genetic Age
26 human years

Based on the date of birth provided


Changes to this dog’s profile
  • On 7/18/2021 changed name from "Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) RATN CGC TKI" to "Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer)"
  • On 7/18/2021 changed name from "Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) RATI CGC TKI" to "Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) RATN CGC TKI"
  • On 5/21/2021 changed name from "Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer)" to "Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) RATI CGC TKI"

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Our algorithms predict this is the most likely family tree to explain Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer)’s breed mix, but this family tree may not be the only possible one.

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Health Summary

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Good news!

Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) is not at increased risk for the genetic health conditions that Embark tests.

Breed-Relevant Genetic Conditions

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L-2-Hydroxyglutaricaciduria, L2HGA

Identified in Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Additional Genetic Conditions

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Clinical Tools

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Explore the genetics behind your dog’s appearance and size.

Base Coat Color

Base Coat Color

Dark or Light Fur
E (Extension) Locus
Can have dark fur
Dark brown pigment
No impact on fur and skin color
Red Pigment Intensity LINKAGE
I (Intensity) Loci
No impact on coat pattern
Brown or Black Pigment
B (Brown) Locus
Black or gray fur and skin
Color Dilution
D (Dilute) Locus
Dark (non-dilute) fur and skin
Coat Color Modifiers

Coat Color Modifiers

Hidden Patterning
K (Dominant Black) Locus
More likely to have a mostly solid black or brown fur coat
Body Pattern
A (Agouti) Locus
No impact on coat pattern
Facial Fur Pattern
E (Extension) Locus
Can have black masking (dark facial fur)
Saddle Tan
No impact on coat pattern
White Spotting
S (White Spotting) Locus
Likely to have little to no white in coat
R (Roan) Locus
Likely no impact on coat pattern
M (Merle) Locus
Unlikely to have merle pattern
No impact on coat pattern
Other Coat Traits

Other Coat Traits

Furnishings LINKAGE
Likely unfurnished (no mustache, beard, and/or eyebrows)
Coat Length
Likely short or mid-length coat
Likely light to moderate shedding
Coat Texture
Likely straight coat
Hairlessness (Xolo type) LINKAGE
Very unlikely to be hairless
Hairlessness (Terrier type)
Very unlikely to be hairless
Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 2 LINKAGE
Likely not albino
Other Body Features

Other Body Features

Muzzle Length
Likely short muzzle
Tail Length
Likely normal-length tail
Hind Dew Claws
Unlikely to have hind dew claws
Back Muscling & Bulk (Large Breed)
Likely normal muscling
Less likely to have blue eyes
Body Size

Body Size

Body Size 1
Body Size 2
Body Size 3
Body Size 4
Body Size 5


Altitude Adaptation
Normal altitude tolerance
Appetite LINKAGE
Normal food motivation
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Through Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer)’s mitochondrial DNA we can trace her mother’s ancestry back to where dogs and people first became friends. This map helps you visualize the routes that her ancestors took to your home. Their story is described below the map.







Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer)’s Haplogroup

This female lineage can be traced back about 15,000 years to some of the original Central Asian wolves that were domesticated into modern dogs. The early females that represent this lineage were likely taken into Eurasia, where they spread rapidly. As a result, many modern breed and village dogs from the Americas, Africa, through Asia and down into Oceania belong to this group! This widespread lineage is not limited to a select few breeds, but the majority of Rottweilers, Afghan Hounds and Wirehaired Pointing Griffons belong to it. It is also the most common female lineage among Papillons, Samoyeds and Jack Russell Terriers. Considering its occurrence in breeds as diverse as Afghan Hounds and Samoyeds, some of this is likely ancient variation. But because of its presence in many modern European breeds, much of its diversity likely can be attributed to much more recent breeding.


Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer)’s Haplotype

Part of the A1d haplogroup, this haplotype occurs most frequently in mixed-breed dogs.

Some other Embark dogs with this haplotype:

The vast majority of Rottweilers have the A1d haplogroup.

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The Paternal Haplotype reveals a dog’s deep ancestral lineage, stretching back thousands of years to the original domestication of dogs.

Are you looking for information on the breeds that Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) inherited from her mom and dad? Check out her breed breakdown and family tree.

Paternal Haplotype is determined by looking at a dog’s Y-chromosome—but not all dogs have Y-chromosomes!

Why can’t we show Paternal Haplotype results for female dogs?

All dogs have two sex chromosomes. Female dogs have two X-chromosomes (XX) and male dogs have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome (XY). When having offspring, female (XX) dogs always pass an X-chromosome to their puppy. Male (XY) dogs can pass either an X or a Y-chromosome—if the puppy receives an X-chromosome from its father then it will be a female (XX) puppy and if it receives a Y-chromosome then it will be a male (XY) puppy. As you can see, Y-chromosomes are passed down from a male dog only to its male offspring.

Since Shark (Irresistibull's Storm Surfer) is a female (XX) dog, she has no Y-chromosome for us to analyze and determine a paternal haplotype.

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