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Mixed Breed

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  • Photo of Leela, a Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Volpino Italiano, Poodle (Small), and American Pit Bull Terrier mix in California, USA Photo of Leela, a Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Volpino Italiano, Poodle (Small), and American Pit Bull Terrier mix in California, USA

“Leela's a lover not a fighter. She can't tug, but she sure loves to kiss! She's a real people-person-- er-- people-pup. She's quite agile, able to jump through a hoop from a dead stop and pirouette gracefully on her hind legs. She has the sweetest, most affectionate spirit. And she's gorgeous, with expressive eyebrows and oversized ears, cheetah-print paws, glossy, soft fur, and flirty fringe on her ears and tail. She’s on Instagram @leelalum .”

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Place of Birth
California, USA
Current Location
La Mirada, California, USA
La Habra, California, USA

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Genetic Breed Result

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Mixed Breed

34.9% Chihuahua
15.1% Cocker Spaniel
15.1% Volpino Italiano
15.0% Poodle (Small)
12.4% American Pit Bull Terrier
7.5% Russell-type Terrier
Chihuahua Chihuahua
Chihuahuas have a huge personality that defies their tiny frame, known to be highly active and intelligent canines.
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Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniels are handsome and intelligent hunting dogs that are also well-suited to life as a loving family pet.
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Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano
Volpino Italiano dogs are a small and furry Spitz-type breed that hails from Italy. They are a very old breed, and Spitzes in general are some of the most ancient dogs in the world. Volpino Italiano dogs and their ancestors can trace their roots back over 5,000 years, and they were so loved in ancient times that remains of Volpino Italianos have been found wearing decorative bracelets and beautiful jeweled collars. They have been well loved by Italian aristocracy since the 1500s, and images of them are commonly found in paintings dating from that time.
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Poodle (Small) Poodle (Small)
A highly intelligent and playful dog, Miniature and Toy Poodles make for great lap dogs and companions.
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American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier
The American Pit Bull Terrier originated in the British Isles and descends from the Mastiff-type dogs introduced to England in antiquity. The breed was brought over to the United States by English immigrants in the 1800s, and quickly became one of the most popular and widespread breeds there.
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Russell-type Terrier Russell-type Terrier
These small, energetic terriers, developed in 19th century England for hunting small game, are now some of the best agility dogs around.
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DNA Breed Origins

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Breed colors:
Cocker Spaniel
Volpino Italiano
Poodle (Small)
American Pit Bull Terrier
Russell-type Terrier

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Family Tree From Embark PARENTS GRANDPARENTS GREAT GRANDPARENTS Mixed Chihuahua mix Cocker Spaniel / Poodle (Small) mix American Pit Bull Terrier / Russell-type Terrier mix Chihuahua Volpino Italiano / Chihuahua mix Cocker Spaniel Poodle (Small) American Pit Bull Terrier Russell-type Terrier mix Chihuahua Chihuahua Volpino Italiano Chihuahua mix

Our algorithms predict this is the most likely family tree to explain Leela’s breed mix, but this family tree may not be the only possible one.

Through Leela’s mitochondrial DNA we can trace her mother’s ancestry back to where dogs and people first became friends. This map helps you visualize the routes that her ancestors took to your home. Their story is described below the map.







Leela’s Haplogroup

This female lineage can be traced back about 15,000 years to some of the original Central Asian wolves that were domesticated into modern dogs. The early females that represent this lineage were likely taken into Eurasia, where they spread rapidly. As a result, many modern breed and village dogs from the Americas, Africa, through Asia and down into Oceania belong to this group! This widespread lineage is not limited to a select few breeds, but the majority of Rottweilers, Afghan Hounds and Wirehaired Pointing Griffons belong to it. It is also the most common female lineage among Papillons, Samoyeds and Jack Russell Terriers. Considering its occurrence in breeds as diverse as Afghan Hounds and Samoyeds, some of this is likely ancient variation. But because of its presence in many modern European breeds, much of its diversity likely can be attributed to much more recent breeding.


Leela’s Haplotype

Part of the A1d haplogroup, this haplotype occurs most frequently in Yorkshire Terriers, Old English Sheepdogs, and Miniature Schnauzers.

Some other Embark dogs with this haplotype:

The vast majority of Rottweilers have the A1d haplogroup.

The Paternal Haplotype reveals a dog’s deep ancestral lineage, stretching back thousands of years to the original domestication of dogs.

Are you looking for information on the breeds that Leela inherited from her mom and dad? Check out her breed breakdown and family tree.

Paternal Haplotype is determined by looking at a dog’s Y-chromosome—but not all dogs have Y-chromosomes!

Why can’t we show Paternal Haplotype results for female dogs?

All dogs have two sex chromosomes. Female dogs have two X-chromosomes (XX) and male dogs have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome (XY). When having offspring, female (XX) dogs always pass an X-chromosome to their puppy. Male (XY) dogs can pass either an X or a Y-chromosome—if the puppy receives an X-chromosome from its father then it will be a female (XX) puppy and if it receives a Y-chromosome then it will be a male (XY) puppy. As you can see, Y-chromosomes are passed down from a male dog only to its male offspring.

Since Leela is a female (XX) dog, she has no Y-chromosome for us to analyze and determine a paternal haplotype.