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See what’s hidden in the pages of Caesar’s DNA story. You can learn about the breeds that make Caesar who he is, his genetic family tree, and even go back in time to see where his ancestors came from.

What’s your dog’s story? Find out with Embark!

Genetic Stats

Wolfiness: 3.4 % HIGH Help
Predicted Adult Weight: 57 lbs Help
Genetic Age: 63 human years Help

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Let us know and we will contact Caesar’s owner and make sure he is reunited with his family soon! Thank you for helping out our furry friends.

What’s your dog’s story?

Now that you have explored what’s behind Caesar find out what your dog’s DNA has to tell you. Embark tells you more about your dog than you ever thought possible. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Changes to this dog’s profile
  • On 11/1/2017 changed name from "Cesar" to "Caesar"
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